FIRST AIRED: June 30, 2018

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>> This class is having one of the first afro lessons.>> Afro have equal value here in society.>> Initiative is part of the world afro a day program which counts big names like Thandie Newton as its ambassadors. The idea is that the class format along with discussion, research, and even making their own films, can help young children like these guys learn to appreciate mixed race and African hair.
Organizers say people with Afro hair often face discrimination, not least at job interviews. Now World Afro Day has been endorsed by the office of the United Nations' high commissioner for human rights, it's founder hopes it will change the way children view themselves and others.>> There's bias in society, it affects black and mixed Race children at the very earliest age.
They look in the mirror and they don't like their image and they wanna change their hairstyles. It affects their job prospects, their opportunities, what they want to do in life. They actually decide, maybe I will have to change my hair if I want to do that, and it's about creating equality in society.
>> And the lessons seem to be a hit with the students.>> We thought it helped people understand that they should express their true character no matter where they are from, who they are or how they look.>> World Afro Day takes place on September, 15th.>> Bye.
>> Bye.>> Thank you.>> Bye.>> Bye.