FIRST AIRED: June 21, 2018

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>> If you push them off a shell space right now on a huge tariff and they go out of business, they're not coming back.>> Lawmakers from both sides of the political aisle and global corporate leaders, slamming President Trump's America First trade policies. On capitol hill Wedneday, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross got an earful as he defended the White House's trade spats with Canada, Mexico and China, while Senators told him they've been flooded with complaints by business owners in their states.
>> What policy change would the Canadians have to make? What changes? What would they have to do, so that the administration would stop taxing my constituents on the steel that they buy from Canada?>> Most of the complaints focused on tariffs Trump imposed recently on steel and aluminum.
Ross said those tariffs could be lifted once there is enough progress on after talks, but when it comes to China, the White House feels it tough stand is necessary.>> The only way we're gonna get them to change is to put pressure on them. The purpose of this is to get to an endgame that's much closer to free trade than anything the world has seen before.
>> Meanwhile on Wednesday, as it opened a new factory in South Carolina. Chinese owned Volvo cars, warned that the trade dispute between the US and China, could undermine it's plans to create up to 4,000 more auto jobs in the Republican state. The CEO telling Reuters on the sidelines of the event, quote, if you have trade barriers and restrictions, we cannot create as many jobs as we're planning to.
This week, Trump said his administration was prepared to impose tariffs on another $200 billion worth of Chinese products and maybe more if Beijing continues to retaliate.