FIRST AIRED: June 28, 2018

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>> There's a reason why Google Laos snapped up properties for cheap in pricey Hong Kong. For this apartment, it's because two people committed suicide. For others, it's murder.>> The discount is very big.>> This 66-year-old landlord is known locally as the king of haunted flats. And over the years, he's been selling properties at chilling discounts.
>> For those with people jumping to their death, the discount is about 20%. For those involving murder cases, the discount might reach up to 50%.>> I'm Reuters' Grace Lee, outside Hong Kong's Jade Residence. It's commonly believed in Chinese superstition that the souls of murder victims lingers at the place where they were killed.
If that's true, this building here will certainly be haunted as well. It's a place where former British banker, Rurik Jutting brutally murdered 2 women in 2014, and that caused a property value here to drop by about 6%, when at the same time the overall Hong Kong housing market shot up by about 80.
But with Hong Kong's record breaking property price surge, those discounts might die down too. The city's younger generation, desperate for a place to live aren't to spooked about having ghosts for roommates. There's even an app where they can search for haunted properties.>> They're not too bothered about ghosts walking the hallways, they'd rather just get a bargain in what is essentially the most expensive and most unaffordable city on the planet.
>> Discounts on some haunted apartments have narrowed from 30% in 2013, to about 10% this year, dropping at the fastest rate in the past year. And with property prices expected to rise even further, residents might be more scared of the rent than spirits.>> People come and people die.
It happens every day. Would you be afraid to go into a hospital or you wouldn't, right? So I think it's okay.