FIRST AIRED: June 25, 2018

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A message to an old colonial power, you don't represent us any more. Ten African artists have collaborated on a song against the CFA Franc, a currency that's used in West and Central Africa. They say it's an instrument of monetary repression that only benefits France, the region's former colonial power.
>> It's better for Africans to be able to have their own currency. It shouldn't be up to the West to run and manage our currency.>> The CFA Franc was introduced in 1945. But opposition to the currency has grown ever since Paris decided to devalue it in 1994.
That led to surge in prices on food and pharmaceutical products such as antimalarial drugs. Now Now, Togolese rapper and activist Elom 20CE is adding his voice to the cause.>> I think that the CFA Franc represents a currency for monkeys. It's a metaphor to say that it's a currency that does not represent us.
We are still seen as monkeys, as animals. It's not a currency that represents our economy.>> Those who support it say African nations have the chance to leave, but that it's in their best interests to keep the currency.>> We are not ready from the GO strategic point of view, from the political and economic point of view and even from the technical point of view especially when it comes to managing a currency.
>> Last year four West African presidents announced plans to create a new shared currency for a 15 country block to replace the CFA Franc. France has said it's leaving the decision up to its former colonies.