FIRST AIRED: June 28, 2018

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>> It could be the ultimate technological solution to a problem most of us didn't realize existed. This is a pizza making robot. With three arms, it's triple the speed of a human. For the French creators, the future is a network of autonomous 24/7 restaurants. But even their business rationale seems a little half baked.
> Robots allow customers to personalize their pizza at any time of the day, even 2 in the morning.>> Robots in Singapore recently made the news for tackling another niche task perhaps better left to humans. The dreaded assembling of IKEA flat-pack furniture. To get the robot to assemble a dining chair in 20 minutes, it took the scientists three years of programming.
They say in five to ten years the robots could know what to do just by looking at instructions or a finished item. For now, people at home may find it quicker to just tackle the manual themselves.>> And it's not only humans being pushed aside by robots in strange places.
This British nursing home is getting visits from a new K9 companion. Interaction with animals is a proven benefit for the old and infirm. Except biscuit is made of plastic, wires, and sensors.>> Hmm, hi.>> Maybe they would have preferred a real dog. And while the pizza robot is still being put through its paces in Paris, staff at the local Italian restaurant agree, sometimes simple man-made solutions are all you really need.