FIRST AIRED: June 20, 2018

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>> We have compassion, we want to keep families together.>> President Donald Trump's apparent reversal on family separations at the border may end the immediate political crisis. But the wrenching images of detained children have Republicans facing tough election battles, worried about the fallout in November. White house correspondent James Oliphant has the story.
Republicans tell Reuters that they are extremely concerned about these images at the border. That this has the kind of potency in a vivid way. I mean there's nothing more visceral than seeing a child being taken away it's parents. And Republicans are keeping a very close eye on that, and they're worried about public opinion turning against the party and turning against Trump.
>> As images of youngsters in cages flooded the media, the overwhelming majority of Republicans in competitive districts in the midterm elections issued statements and took to social media, telling voters that they did not condone removing children from their parents.>> Take someone like Mike Coffman who's in surburban Denver.
That's a district that's been changing rapidly. He is somebody who's been trying to basically hold onto his seat as his district has become more diverse and more suburban. He has shifted to the center, he's been very critical of the Trump administration's policies at the border.>> Centrist Republicans are already under pressure from Democrats in suburban districts from Philadelphia, to Miami, to Denver.
A Republican backed group called New Way California has been running this ad, blasting the separation.>> They call it zero tolerance, but it's immoral, it's cruel, and it needs to stop.>> At the same time, many of the Republicans dare not stray too far from Trump and his agenda, given his popularity with his conservative base.
>> Trump's polls are actually looking pretty good right now. They're talking about more Americans have faith in the direction of the country than in months and years, that the economy is booming. Republicans look at the aggregate. And they're hoping that people's satisfaction with their own personal economic situations will override any concerns they have about specific policy.
>> For Republicans in vulnerable seats, that question may depend on how long these images linger in the minds of voters.