FIRST AIRED: June 19, 2018

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It's all began last year with the EU anthem marking his presidential win. Europhile French leader Emmanuel Macron has made it his mission to reform the Eurozone. To do that, he needs the backing of his German counterpart, Angela Merkel, with the pair meeting Tuesday, but as Reuters Luke Baker reports, time is not on his side.
>> Rather than Eurozone reform dominating the agenda as Macron had hoped, it's gonna be immigration more than likely. So this window of opportunity to agree these reforms and to see his grand vision that he laid out at the Sorbonne realized, that window's closing. And if he doesn't get it done now, we run into German regional elections later in the year and then we're into 2019, we're into Britain leaving the European Union, we're into European Parliamentary elections, and the whole idea of Eurozone reform is forgotten.
>> Last September, Macron spoke of rebuilding Europe. To him that meant a common budget for the Eurozone nations and a single minister to oversee it all, but the idea never gained traction in Germany. Now Macron's hoping Merkel agrees to the principle of a Eurozone budget, albeit based on smaller sums than he'd have originally hoped.
But she's hemmed in by political pressure at home and appears far more apprehensive of answering issues like Brexit with yet deeper integration. On Monday, Macron proved he was ready to talk tough, to a teenager at least. Macron gave the kid a public dressing down for singing a socialist anthem and addressing him by his nickname Manu.
> Standing up to Merkel on Eurozone reform might not be so easy.