FIRST AIRED: July 3, 2018

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>> U.S. President Donald Trump's aggressive tariffs spurring what could have been a major shift in global alliances, China joining forces with the European Union. Reuters learning exclusively Beijing is pressuring the EU to stand with it against Trump's trade policies, proposing a relationship that would open up more of the Chinese market to Europe and possibly launch joint action against the US at the World Trade Organization.
But, it was not meant to be, at least for now, says Reuters reporter, Robin Emmott in Brussels.>> The Europeans have firmly rejected that because they say that they actually agree with the United States when they accused China of distortive trade practices and over production in certain sectors to try and dominate world markets.
They just think that Donald Trump is going about it the wrong way.>> China's attempting is to capitalize on the frailed relationship between the US and its allies in striking, and reflects Beijing's deep concern about a trade war with Washington. As US tariffs on billions of dollars worth of Chinese-made goods go into effect this week.
It also underscores a new boldness coming out of Beijing.>> This is really the first time that we're seeing that China is actually trying to pull a big country, a big bloc over its side, and it speaks of it's confidence in global affairs.>> As for Europe, well the term a rock and a hard place does come to mind.
>> So the European Union is rather stuck between Donald Trump's U.S on the one hand Xi Jinping's vision of the world on the other, neither which really fit.>> China is still hoping to convince the EU to switch sides at a Chinese-European summit in mid-July, expected to be attended by President Xi Jinping and top EU officials.