FIRST AIRED: July 3, 2018

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>> Tesla shares plunging over 7% on Tuesday, the concern still the production of the Model 3. Tuesday report in Business Insider that CEO Elon Musk has ordered workers to stop running a break in roll test on the cars Hit the stock hard. Reuters correspondent Alexandria Sage.>> Tesla said this specific brake test was not necessary because it tests every single Tesla on its own track to check for alignment and other break issues.
Still, none of this answers the question of whether a Tesla will be able to maintain its speed, its pace that it showed last week. Workers that I spoke to said that workers were brought from other lines, from the SNX lines, to work on the model three during those workers breaks.
People were working around the clock. Elon Musk was shouting at engineers on the line.>> The report coming after Tesla hit a milestone, producing over 5,000 Model 3s last week, a number that could potentially help the company down the path of profitability, but investors aren't so sure.>> Profitability is a question because of the vast sums the company has had to spend in order to meet its targets.
One of them is building this assembly line under a massive tent on its Fremont, California campus. Obviously that cost a lot of money. It was built in haste, it wasn't planned beforehand, and so some investors are wondering what the cash consequences of this is going to be.>> Still despite the risk, bullish investors point to the 420,000 outstanding Model 3 reservations as a number no other car maker can boast.
But many Tesla fans have now been waiting over two years since they put down their money to reserve the Model 3, and any further delays on production could test their patience.