FIRST AIRED: January 16, 2018

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>> Police on Tuesday say they still don't know why two parents kept 13 siblings prisoner, some chained to their beds and starving inside this modest ranch home in the town of Paris, California.>> I wish could come to you with information that would explain why this happened. But we do need to acknowledge the courage of the young girl who escaped from that residence to bring attention so they could get the help they so needed.
>> Police said a 17 year old, so malnourished she appeared no older than 10, crawled out a window and called the police on Monday. Officers performed a wellness check on the residence and discovered 13 siblings ranging in age from 2 to 29. The conditions were horrid.>> Some of our staff described that there was a very foul smell inside the residence.
It was extremely dirty. And as we reported previously, many of the children were malnourished.>> Police believe all 13 are the biological children of David Allen Turpin and his wife, Louise Anna Turpin. Both have been charged with multiple counts of torture and child endangerment. California records show David Allen Turpin was granted permission to operate a private school, which was registered at the family's home.
Police say they'd had no prior contact with the Turpins. On the quiet residential street, some neighbors said they'd wondered about the family.>> Everybody was super skinny, and not athletic skinny, like malnourished skinny. They'd all come out and they'd all have to mow the lawns together and then they'd all go in.
>> Health officials say the siblings are being fed, but it's unclear what kind of long-term treatment they will need.>> I've been in healthcare for a long time. I've never seen this. And the way my staff has responded, I think they were horrified.>> The parents, who are being held on $9 million bail, are due in court Thursday.