FIRST AIRED: January 18, 2018

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Chants ring out as immigration advocates flood Capital Hill Wednesday.>>
>> The protests coming as Democrats and Republicans struggle for a deal to avoid a government shutdown when funding runs out at midnight on Friday. The two sides still miles apart and blaming each other for the impasse.
>> There is no cause whatsoever for manufacturing a crisis and holding up funding for the vital services of the federal government.>> With time running short, Senate leader Mitch Mcconnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan are pushing for a temporary extension of funding until February 16h. Ryan is offering Democrats funding of a popular health insurance program for children known as CHIP.
That would give Democrats a big victory but whether the GOPs right-wing will go along is far from clear.>> So I think cool heads hopefully will prevail on this thing.>> But the Democrats have been pushing a far different bargain. They want guarantees for some 800,000 illegal immigrants brought to the US as children known as dreamers.
White House talks over that issue collapsed in acrimony last week after it was reported President Trump referred to African nations as quote, shit hole countries, sparking international outrage. Democratic leader Chuck Schumer.>> It was Presedint Trump who turned his back on a bipartisan solution last week and used vulgarities to demean the ancestral homelands of so many Americans.
>> Schumer is promoting a bill authored by Democrat Dick Durbin and Republican Lindsey Graham that would protect the dreamers while adding to border security. In a Wednesday interview with Reuters, Trump called the Durbin Graham proposal quote, horrible. It's the opposite of what I campaigned for, he said. Trump also said he thinks Democrats would get the blame if no deal is reached and the government closes its doors.
With both sides digging in Wednesday, the stakes are only getting higher as Friday's shutdown deadline draws near.