FIRST AIRED: January 21, 2018

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>> It's a way to shop that's somewhere between the check-out line and the click and buy, a cashier-free store. Amazon is introducing it to Seattle for the first time. They call it Amazon Go. You scan your phone, grab your items and leave. Reuters' reporter Jeffrey Dustin checked it out.
>> Amazon was working on ADF for four years and then in December 2016 opened the store to Amazon employees to test it, and the store opens Monday to the public. Retailers will be watching closely to see how the technology develops and whether Amazon ultimately chooses to add the technology to stores like Whole Foods, the grocer that Amazon bought last year for $13.7 billion.
However, Amazon now said that it has no plans for adding the technology to Whole Foods.>> So how does it all work? Inside the store, a barrage of cameras and sensors can tell when you pick something up or even if you put it back. And when you leave, your Amazon account is automatically charged, but that's not all.
There's more to the technology.>> What's interesting is that the way Amazon tracks you is not by facial recognition, it's not following where your smartphone is in the store. But it's the moment when you actually pass through the gated turnstiles, it recognizes whatever entity that is. It could be me.
It could be I scan the gates open and I put this chair through. Whatever actually goes through at that time, it watches what that object takes off the shelf. So in other words, I can actually scan in someone else. And if someone else, walking away from me, walking away from my smartphone picks something off the shelf, that purchase would be associated with my account, because I was the one who scanned him in.
Geoffrey says he could get in and out with a bottle of water in under half a minute, but don't expect the automated store to serve you on the weekend. It's only open Monday to Friday, 7 AM to 9 PM. The machines also seem to need their time off.