FIRST AIRED: January 25, 2018

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Pope Francis says fake news is satanic. On Wednesday, the pontiff condemned, quote, snake tactics that create divisions to serve political and economic gains. His comments have been published in the first document by a pope on the issue. Reuters' Phillip Pullella is in Rome.>> The Pontiff has decided to delve into the thorny issue of fake news because what is at stake is truth.
He's basically saying that he uses the phrase that comes from the Bible, the truth will set you free. So without the truth we cannot have freedom in our lives, in our politics, in our economies. So that is why he's decided to delve into what is clearly a political issue, but he would say that all political issues have a moral foundation or at least should have a moral foundation.
>> The document was issued after months of debate on how much fake news may have influenced the 2016 US presidential campaign and the election of Donald Trump. But the spreading of fake news is a tale as old as Biblical times.>> One of the interesting things that he says is that actually the first piece of fake news in history, if you are a believer of the Bible, was in the Garden of Eden when the devil disguised as a serpent, tempted Eve to eat the fruit from the forbidden tree.
And he says that the devil disguised as a serpent tempted Eve by giving her false information that if she ate from the fruit of that tree that she would become, she and Adam would become all knowing just like God. That was obviously not true, she fell for it, she took the bait, so to speak, she bit the apple, and the rest is Biblical history.
>> Pope Francis has also called on journalists and those using social media to remember the code of ethics, and for everyone to slow down, avoid sensationalist headlines and insulting each other, so things will be better for all.