FIRST AIRED: January 16, 2018

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>> The Detroit Auto Show has plenty of this, a flashy Ford Mustang unveiled by Steve McQueen's granddaughter and this monster from Mercedes brought to you by the Terminator. But legacy car companies in Detroit are increasingly seeding ground to the startups of Silicon Valley. That means more concept, less classics, more room for digital, less for drivers, like this flying car helicopter thing.
Reuters auto correspondent, Paul Lienert.>> We're looking at the Airspace X, a vehicle built by a startup that's based here in the Detroit area and it's working with Uber on on-demand transportation. But we're talking about on-demand transportation with a twist. This is an autonomous aircraft, electric powered designed to transport people and goods from city to city.
>> While this boxy shuttle isn't looking so hot at car and tech shows, industry executives say we can start to look out for them in real life. This one is by a French start up. They are self driving and electric.>> These shuttles are being tested in cities such as Las Vegas and on college campuses such as M City at the University of Michigan.
>> It's not just startups that have an eye on the future, though. General Motors, the largest US automaker, is showing off its concept car Surus. It's less of a car than a four-wheel platform able to transport whatever you put on top of it.>> It's a prototype vehicle powered by a hydrogen fuel cell with twin electric motors that can be configured for commercial use or military use.
>> The Surus is designed to be self-driving and has already made its debut in front of the US military.