FIRST AIRED: January 22, 2018

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>> Catalonia's parliament named fired separatist leader Carles Puigdemont as its sole pick for regional president on Monday, delivering a blow to central government's efforts to end the region's independence movement. Puigdemont's candidacy will be voted on by the end of the month. But Reuters correspondent Sonya Dowsett says Madrid has made it clear that it'll not allow him to be made president again.
>> Spain will do everything in its power to stop this. It will contest it in the courts. It is said that if Puigdemont is elected president, it will maintain its special powers that it invoked back in October to directly intervene in Catalans' regional government until there is a president elected in Catalunya.
And that president cannot be Puigdemont.>> Puigdemont fled to Belgium last October after being fired and accused of sedition and rebellion following Catalonia's illegal referendum and unilateral declaration of independence from Spain. Also on Monday, Spanish authorities tried and failed to reactivate a European arrest warrant to detain him while on a speaking trip to Denmark.
Puigdemont would, however, face immediate arrest if he returned to Spain. His own solution to that would be to govern remotely.>> He has talked about using new technologies to govern by which he means video link, Skype. And this has earned him the nickname, the hologram president. Catalan Parliamentary Law is pretty clear that you need to be present in the parliamentary chamber as a president.
>> After weeks of uneasy calm, the crisis triggered by Catalonia's independence drive led by Puigdemont is now back at the top of Spain's political agenda.