FIRST AIRED: January 22, 2018

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>> Couture week in Paris is a very important date for every fashionista and super rich buyer. As it struts off on Monday, one designer is looking to the future rather than the centuries old past of the craft for his latest collection.>> What I wanted to highlight is that haute couture is tradition linked to innovation.
You've got to be constantly reinventing what you want to do. Thanks to inherited expertise, be that in France or abroad, haute couture is about opening up your mind, haute couture is about freedom.>> Julien Fournie is one of the handful of haute couture designers trying to propel fashion into the modern age.
His couture house creates accessories with 3D printers and sketches designs on tablets. Despite this modern approach, Fournie insists that new technology is barely noticeable in his latest collection.>>
> We realized that new technology's only interesting in fashion when it disappears. Making flashing dresses is not new technology for me.
It's the process of creation and production which incorporate new technology.>> Regardless, technology is at the forefront of his work. His iPad designs even under visit from Apple CEO, Tim Cook. Fournie also collaborating with French 3D software company Dassault Systemes to develop printing techniques for the fashion world.
The fashion house only became a permanent member of France's select haute couture club, whose 15 houses include storied names such as Dior and Chanel, last year. Fournie's wealthy clients seek one of a kind designs. In his eyes that desire validates the continuing role of haute couture in an age of vast fashion high street labels and global luxury brands.
Even before the collection goes on show on Tuesday, several of the pieces meant to evoke in Asian dream world have already been sold. The price tag though remains a secret.