FIRST AIRED: January 12, 2018

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>> It was touted as an early victory for newly elected President Trump and his America First agenda.>> Exciting, very exciting.>>
].>> A December 2016 media frenzied tour at a United Technologies carrier plant in Indianapolis to announce over 1,000 US jobs were not getting shipped to Mexico.
But on Thursday, just over a year later, 215 workers at that same plant will clock out for the last time. Their jobs are going south of the border, where Mexican workers will do the same work for just $3 an hour. Reuters correspondent Amanda Becker has been speaking to laid off employees.
>> So one worker told me it was like the world was watching, another one used the word prop. That they felt like they had been used as a prop during that tour. They did have higher expectations. Many of the workers I spoke to, for what they would get out of this deal and how they would benefit from it.
>> Thursday's layoffs brings the total number of job cuts at this Carrier plant to more than 500. About half the number of jobs Trump promised to rescue.>> I feel angry and I feel forgotten.>> But the problem is he didn't deliver.>> Turns out, some of these so called saved jobs were not in jeopardy in the first place.
Union leaders tell Reuters, they later learned 300 non-factory positions were lumped into Trump's announcement. That's not the only thing leaving floor workers feeling betrayed by a president who bragged the exodus of American jobs would stop on his watch.>> Two hours away north of Indianapolis in Huntingdon, Indiana another facility that was owned by United Technologies Corp is closing this year, and that's gonna result in about 700 jobs going to Mexico.
>> United Technologies received $7 million in state tax breaks as part of the Trump deal, and agreed to pour millions more into upgrading the facility. But that won't help laid off workers get their jobs back, that money is being spent specifically on automation.