FIRST AIRED: January 11, 2018

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>> A step forward for equal rights in the European Union.>>
> A senior advisor to the EU's top court, recommending same sex spouses have the right to live and work in all member states. Even where governments don't allow gay marriage. Reuters' Philip Blenkinsop says, at this point, it's only a recommendation.
>> The process in the European court is that before the judges actually make a decision. In many cases, there's a recommendation or opinion given by what's called the advocate general. These opinions, they're often followed by the judges, but they're only a guidance, they're not binding upon the judges.
So the judges obviously could decide the same or they could decide the opposite view.>> The case was brought by a man whose American husband was refused residence in his home country of Romania. Where same sex marriage is prohibited. The case was then pushed to the European court of justice.
>> So, the advocate general pointed out. It's not for the court, obviously, to decide whether Romania should or should not legalize same sex marriages, that's a matter for them. But obviously, there are certain EU rights that a normal EU national. Obviously, in this case, the American would gain by being married to an EU national, in this case, the Romanian.
>> EU countries, which offer no legal recognition for same sex relationships are in the minority. That will be watching the final decision closely when it's delivered later this year.