FIRST AIRED: January 22, 2018

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>> After decades of working to help Americans quit smoking, US officials concluded on Monday that a new smoking device is less harmful than traditional cigarettes. Reuters reporter Michelle Gershberg.>> The FDA has put out its initial findings of a review of data on Philip Morris International's IQOS product.
IQOS is a novel way of using tobacco, in which you inhale tobacco that's been heated and not burned completely and the rationale is that it would expose you to fewer harmful chemicals than actually smoking a full-on cigarette.>> An endorsement of sorts that catch many by surprise, as it points to a change in priorities for the FDA under President Trump.
>> So in previous administrations, the FDA prioritized people getting to quit smoking altogether and products that might help you quit smoking. The current FDA under Commissioner Scott Gottlieb is saying we're gonna assume that a certain number of people in the United States will smoke. And then what we wanna do is give them products that are less risky, less dangerous to their health.
>> But critics worry the new cigarette, which comes in a sleek tube, runs the risk of attracting a new generation of smokers and warn that companies like Phillip Morris cannot be trusted to make reduce course claims. Pointing to the industries previous promotion of light and low tar cigarettes as safer alternatives despite evidence showing they were not.
Tobacco companies have been investing heavily in alternative tobacco products, as smoking rates and the sales of cigarettes in the U.S. continues to decline. Full results of the study that includes the carcinogenic potential of IQOS will become available later this year.