FIRST AIRED: January 13, 2018

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>> Coalition talks that could save Angela Merkel's political career have been given the green light.>>
]>> The German Chancellor's Conservatives and the Social Democrats, or SPD have agreed to launch formal negotiations. Party sources say they have a blueprint for a deal. But Reuters Andrea Shalal in Berlin says there's still plenty that can go wrong.
>> So, the next big test will be on January 21st. So, SPD rank and file will vote whether to enter formal talks. That is a big test because there's a lot of opposition especially among young members of the Jusos and the leader of that group, Kevein Kuhnert, is going to embark on a tour that he calls the No GroKo, so No Great Grand Coalition Tour.
>> Germany has been engulfed by months of political deadlock since last September's election. After that vote saw the SPD share slump, the party's leader vowed not to enter another so-called grand coalition. But when Merkel exhausted other coalition options, she returned to the Social Democrats. They might make for uncomfortable bedfellows.
But Merkel's conservatives and the SPD have set out agreed policy areas in the economy, climate, Europe, and migration. But fear from more mainstream German parties, is failure to form a government could strengthen the hand of the right wing AFD.>>
>> In September, they rode a wave of anti-migrant sentiment to become the third largest political force.
Their gains denting brand Merkel.>> It gives her some breathing room, but there's a lot of discussion already within her own party about needing to start and initiate a succession plan. That's gonna be on agenda for her once she gets her government in place.>> Angela Merkel might manage to avoid another election.
But she's unlikely to be able to stop the hunt for her successor.