FIRST AIRED: January 11, 2018

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>> Look forward to working with the.>> Canada is increasingly convinced President Donald Trump will announce plans to pull the United States out of NAFTA. Government sources told Reuters quote, the government is increasingly sure about this, it is now planning for Trump to announce a withdrawal.>> The fact is NAFTA, whether it's Mexico or Canada is a disaster for our country.
>> Trump has criticized the North North American Free Trade Agreement a trade pact that went into effect at 1994, the deal reduced trade barriers. Critics, including Trump say it resulted in US manufacturing jobs moving to Mexico. Proponents say it also provided cheaper consumer goods to US shoppers. The Trump administration last year asked Mexico and Canada to begin renegotiating the deal.
>> Canada, the United States, and Mexico, have a powerful, shared interest in reaching a mutually beneficial agreement.>> But in five rounds of talks, Canada and Mexico have balked at some US proposals. And a US source close to the White House quoted Trump as saying, I want out, as the talks showed little sign of progress.
A White House spokesman said there has been no change in the president's position on NAFTA. Sources say the Trump administration could announce plans to withdraw, giving six months notice as a negotiating ploy to extract concessions. And it is not certain the US would quit the deal even if six months passed, but others might.
Sources in Mexico involved in the trade talks say that country's government would leave the pact if Trump announced plans to withdraw. Officials will hold the second to last round of talks in Montreal starting January 23rd.