FIRST AIRED: January 18, 2018

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>> Hello everybody.>> President Trump may be on a diet, but don't expect him to a lot more exercising. The 6 foot 3 inches Trump, who passed a medical exam this week, is considered overweight, tipping the scales at 239 pounds. In an interview with Reuters, Trump said he already gets plenty of exercise between moving around the White House complex and playing golf.
I get more exercise than people think, Trump said.>> Well, it certainly seemed that the president was willing to make some changes about his diet but not so willing to make any changes about his exercise regime.>> White House correspondent Jeff Mason took part in the Oval Office interview on Wednesday.
>> I think he is counting as exercise something that perhaps others might not count as exercise. He clearly moves around a little bit if he's moving from the white house to the old executive office building or elsewhere on the complex. But that's not the same as a daily exercise routine which is what his doctor during his briefing was encouraging the president to start.
>> Trump says he is open to changing his diet and his cholesterol is on the high side, a condition that can lead to heart trouble.>> His cardiac performance during his physical exam was very good.>> His doctor did prescribe a higher dosage of anti-cholesterol medicine.>> President Trump is known to like fast food.
On the campaign trail in 2016, he was fond of fried chicken and hamburgers and those types of things.>> I don't limit his diet at all. I make recommendations.>> At the White House there's a White House chef that presents the food, but the President did say that he could work on getting the portions to a little bit smaller.
And taking out some of the fatty ingredients and other things that weren't quite as healthy.