FIRST AIRED: January 18, 2018

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>> Nearly two dozen US states have filed a federal lawsuit to block the repeal of the so called net neutrality rules, marking a new phase of the high stakes legal battle over the future of the Internet. The Obama era rules were rolled back by the FCC in December.
>> It's time for us to act, to bring faster, better, and cheaper, Internet access to all Americans.>> The rules prohibited broadband providers from blocking websites or slowing down access to online content.>> If there were ever a clear example of how this administration picks corporations over people, CEOs over citizens, multinational companies over small businesses, consumers, and start-up companies.
You have to look no further than the elimination of net-neutrality.>> On Tuesday, attorneys general from states, including California, New York and Virginia, filed a petition to challenge the repeal, calling it, quote, arbitrary, capricious and an abuse of discretion. But some Republicans disagree.>> Do I think it's important to have access to the Internet?
Of course I do, but prior to 2015, the Internet grew and was pretty successful before government stepped in, and I think it'll be successful regardless of whatever government does.>> This comes as Senate Democrats announced they are just one vote shy of passing a Senate Resolution that would bar the FCC from repealing the net-neutrality protections.
That bill is unlikely to pass the Republican majority House let alone signed by the President.