FIRST AIRED: January 20, 2018

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>> Vice President, Mike Pence, may best be known to Americans as the man always standing just behind President Trump listening intently. But a year into the nation's number two job, Pence is coming into his own. Heading out on a major trip to Egypt, Jordan and Israel, and enjoying a growing status as a major figure in Trump's White House.
While he's mostly seen and not heard in public, sources tell Reuters, behind the scenes, he has slowly built influence. Pushing conservative values on abortion, tax reform, and support for Israel, and notching some big victories for the boss. Yasmin Abdul Talab is covering the story.>> Pence unlike many players in the White House is extremely differential to Trump both in public and in private.
He's very careful to praise him and to hue to his positions. Whether he's making a public statement or a speech or whether he's privately meeting people when Trump isn't there. But that underplays how influential he can be in accomplishing some conservative policy priorities he has held and advocated for for a long time.
>> Pence played a big role in Trump's decision to move the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.>> He had been speaking with Judeo-Christian groups who were in favor of the move>> He had long been an advocate for this and he had decided that that was the moment he should speak up and advocate for finally making this move despite the warning by US intelligence agencies in the State Department.
>> Unlike Trump, Pence is no stranger to politics. He has been a major figure on the American Right for over 20 years. He parlayed that into the running mate role in 2016 selling Trump to conservative and evangelical voters, despite Trump's history of more liberal positions on abortion and other issues.
Pence has become Trump's number one emissary to Capitol Hill where he once served as an Indiana congressman.>> So he's got the long standing relationships with Congress. He was a key player in the tax cut debate So he's been influential in most of the administration's key policy priorities.
>> In a White House that's seen unprecedented levels of turnover during a turbulent first year, Pence's ability to stay out of the spotlight may finally be paying off.