FIRST AIRED: January 20, 2018

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>> With. What is so objectionable that it is worth holding the entire government hostage?>> The blame game has begun. With a government shut down on the one year anniversary of Donald Trump's inauguration, the president on Twitter trying to shift the blame onto the Democrats, tweeting that the Dems want a shutdown in order to diminish the great success of the tax cuts.
And that the shutdown was a quote nice present on quote the one year anniversary of my presidency. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said no one deserves the blame more for this debacle than the president himself.>> Negotiating with this White House is like negotiating with Jello. It's next to impossible.
>> The world's most powerful government shut down on Saturday after President Trump and Congress failed to to reach a deal on funding for federal agencies, highlighting America's deep political divisions. A Republican bid to extend government funding for another month fell short in the Senate, as Democrats refused to support it.
Saying Republicans were dragging their feet on a promise to protect illegal immigrants known as the DREAMers.>> Well, there's only one reason we ended up here, the shoehorning of illegal immigration into this debate.>> Lawmakers on Friday engaged in a frantic round of last minute negotiations on the Senate floor.
But they were still talking as funding expired at midnight, meaning many federal workers are furloughed for the second time in less than five years. The last shutdown, in October 2013, disrupted everything from financial oversight to childcare and cost the economy more than $20 billion. Republican and Democratic leaders were expected to renew negotiations, on Saturday, in the hope of restoring government financing before Monday.