FIRST AIRED: January 17, 2018

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>> In Cape Town, there's water, water everywhere. But the day is coming when there might not be a drop to drink. The South African city is facing its worst drought in a century. And day zero, when water pipes are due to run dry, has crept forward to April 22nd.
>> I think day zero's gonna happen whether the government wants to do it or not. I think the water is gonna run out. And it's very scary to think of it, but I think it's a reality.>> Dam levels fell below 30% in the first week of this year, city officials said.
If it hits 13.5%, then residents will have to queue for their water at collection points like this one. An estimated 200 such sites may have to be introduced across the city. A maximum of 25 liters will be provided per person per day, officials said. A push has already been in place for people to use no more than 87 liters per day.
But one official told Reuters the dire situation has been made worse by people ignoring that call. Cape Town is home to many wealthy residents who have swimming pools and sprinkler systems. And it's also popular with travelers. More than 2 million of them flock to the city every year.
But with two months still left in the South African summer, there are concerns that the flow of tourists may also dry up.