FIRST AIRED: January 18, 2018

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>> From Las Vegas to Detroit, tech startups and carmakers are showing off their latest and greatest in the future of autonomous driving. The technology has been gearing up fast in just a few years, but don't expect to own a car that can drive you from coast to coast as you snooze just yet, says Reuters Global Transportation Editor, Joe White.
>> The cost of the hardware and the software to really make a vehicle drive on its own safely is so great, that for now and for some years to come, self driving cars will probably be commercial vehicles like this test vehicle that Ford has behind me. basically delivering goods, doing it 18 hours a day, 24 hours a day.
Ford is testing Domino's deliveries, Toyota launched its e-pallet concept vehicle last week and is working with Pizza Hut. It's not just pizza though. Long haul big rig deliveries could be where the road to autonomous vehicles starts. With the route set in advance and longer hours of operations, big rigs can better absorb the higher cost of the technology says Chuck Price, Vice President of product for TuSimple.
>> Backed by Chinese Internet giant, Sina, and invested by chip giant, NVIDIA. TuSimple plans to have 25 pilot trucks on the road in the US, and another 25 in China this year. They provide the software cameras and radars that truck makers can use to become autonomous.>> I can say today that we're gonna be hauling parcels for a major shipper.
>> Another real opportunity for self-driving cars, robo-taxis. In Las Vegas, ride-hailing app Lyft and autonomous driving tech company Aptiv had eight pilot cars shuttling hundreds of CES visitors around, with over 20 set destinations.>> 2018 is really the year where we wanna start to roll this out from a pilot's perspective.
>> So expect to see more autonomous vehicles test driving out on the road, but the big price tag on the technology means that the cars and trucks will have to work hard to pay off the bills and it will be a while before most drivers would be able to show off a new shining, self driving toy.