FIRST AIRED: January 23, 2018

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Okay look, let's get it out the way, has Trump hijacked this event?>> Well, I think it's a distraction. We came here because finally, the world has accepted that we're fractured, that we're in dire trouble, whether it's the rise in authoritarianism, the alpha male unleashing a wave of misogyny in regard to women.
The global economy being terribly fragile for working people. A disaster inequality, massive unemployment, insecurity, mistrust of institutions, but also of course a risk for a growth-lead or consumption-lead economy.>> All right, we know where you stand now then.>> But if you are, if you came here to get the global solutions to negotiate with people, everybody having a stake in it, and Trump rolls in with his America first message, what does it say?
>> Well, okay, he's a disruptor, we all know this, but let me play devil's advocate. Maybe a little bit of that is not a bad thing.>> What this forum is about is cooperation, co-design. If we're gonna do that, we need negotiated solutions. So you need people to say, yes, my country's important, our workers are critically important.
But in an interconnected world, how do we get the balance right? What's the right space of a future that's not only now got our global workforce in trouble, but has to build and deal with the opportunities and the threats of industry's
] and of course climate