FIRST AIRED: January 15, 2018

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>> You've heard the line about Detroit Iron, well, this year at the Detroit Auto Show, it's about steel. I'm Joe White, a Global Auto Editor for Reuters. And I'm standing in front of the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado. Now, you may have heard, that the Ford F-150 is the best- selling truck in America, and a big rival to this truck, has an all aluminum body.
And you might have thought, well, Chevy's gonna follow suite, in order to cut weight and boost fuel economy. No, this Chevrolet is mostly high strength steel. It's got some aluminum, that's aluminum, the frame is steel, and the bed, is high strength steel.>> The working end of every pickup is, the bed.
It's the head of a good hammer. I don't think you'll get much work done with an aluminium hammer.>>
General Motors is taking an entirely different strategy, toward taking weight out of its truck. They got 450 pounds out of this truck, even though its bigger. Fiat Chrysler, is also turning to high strength steel, not aluminium to take weight out of its new Ram truck, which will debut at the Detroit show as well.
The real battle in the pickup market is, to boost fuel economy, without sacrificing size, function, and luxury features. General Motors and Fiat Chrysler are betting, that they can drive their steel trucks right in the Ford's market share, and take an even bigger share of the huge profits that are available in the large pickup truck market in the United States.