FIRST AIRED: January 18, 2018

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>> In muddy, wet fields, Syrians are setting up home once again. This man tells us it's his fourth move. Each time he builds another home, his family have to flee once more. Now they're settling just for blankets and rocks to shelter them from the freezing cold. As the government intensifies its assault on the country's last remaining opposition-held territory, families are finding themselves hemmed in with nowhere left to run.
The Turkish border nearby is shut.>> I'm Reuters' Emily Wither in Idlib, Northern Syria. In the last month alone, over 200,000 people have fled the recent escalation in fighting. Many have come here from other parts of Syria because they felt that this was one of the last remaining safe spaces.
And as the fighting's intensified, thousands are now fleeing as close to the border with Turkey as possible in the hope that the fighting won't spread here. In the meantime, that means that people are having to live in dire conditions in makeshift camps like the one behind me with no real access to running water or toilets.
This camp has been built in just the last week. And aid workers say that more like this are needed to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in this part of Syria.>> The Turkish Red Crescent are quickly throwing this together. The local authorities say they're overwhelmed. Some tell us it's the heaviest bombardment they've seen in seven years of fighting.
Civilians are being targeted in schools, mosques, entire districts, this man says. Rescuers say the bombing is relentless and that nowhere is safe. Even the hospitals are being hit. With the help of Russia last year, Syria's government now have the upper hand. Their aim is to retake this last rebel-held chunk in the North.
Its population swelled by insurgents and civilians retreating from shrinking rebel strongholds elsewhere. Syrian government forces backed by allied militia deny they're hitting civilians. They claim they're just targeting these guys. This video, uploaded by one of the rebel groups, shows the fierce fighting on the ground. For the families that have fled, they're just happy to no longer hear the terrifying sound of planes in the sky.