FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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now we will have a chance here in Florida restrictions primary to reclaim our party Thursday night at the crucial nightmare marker room you know he's got it all on the line here Hardenbergh I'm Jim often political correspondent for Reuters I'm outside a revealed that in west Palm Beach Florida part about a frantic run that ruby has been making across the state in the last few days trying to close the gap between himself and trump holds a been showing trump leading Rubio here for months at a leading contender for president telling people in the audience , go ahead and punch someone in the face or pay your legal bills nothing in victory Donna truckers been hammering Marco Rubio here rooming house home state of Florida group you know you know how did you get elected you can anyone tell me please , alright what they call a winner take all state that means that if trump beat Rubio here he gets all of Florida ninety nine delegates and reveal gets nothing you know I'm working for I'm working for you trunk I does well with older white males particularly ones who who don't I'm a college education who live in rural communities Rubio at the opposite he does well tendency does well with minorities he does well with younger voters and he does well with better educated voters who make more money there's about data four hundred thousand Republicans in Miami Dade County seventy five percent of them are Hispanic so you need those people to come out in force he also needs to do well I in the Republican in our communities and Tampa and Orlando you have to do that offset trump strength which is going to be primarily in north Florida instead he's like Jacksonville and Pensacola now lost my Rubio would be probably failed in his campaign money would dry up support would go to John Casey can Ted Cruz neighborhood also being himself back to Republican establishment that had hoped that Florida would serve as a firewall to stop trumps March and we're going to get elected president and we're going to turn this country around