FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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great speakers Donald Trump veering off the campaign trail Monday to huddle with Republicans in Washington hoping to pull more of them to his private data for primaries in Arizona and Utah , the GOP front runner needs to crack a stubborn anti trump movement to close the deal for the nomination without an ugly convention battle it was really just a meeting , but it was a very good one , most respected people in washing , trump name says reporter Steve Holland is to quiet the storm this represents a definite sure sure let them know what he's all about it and try to clear the air of on some of his positions his team feels like his positions are quite often mischaracterized in this way they get to hear from the man himself and hopes to and in some ways reassure Republicans that there , and be a nominee for all Republicans and and try to unify the party around the meeting after a weekend of new violence added rallied communist conservatives float party names to run against him in the general election including former Oklahoma senator Tom Coburn and former Texas governor Rick Perry who flamed out in twenty twelve and twenty sixteen primary runs you could call it a suicide mission to stop trump from being president of this third party candidate would be unlikely to become the next president it would probably guarantee , well that Hillary Clinton would be the next , president of the United States over the weekend party chairman Reinke previous openly talking about a convention floor fight they could see another candidate emerges the nominee trump took withering fire Monday from across the aisle senator Elizabeth Warren and perhaps the fiercest attack yet by any member of Congress repeatedly twenty in the trump is a loser with him Paris in insecurity to use corporate bankruptcies to skip out on that for Trumpy attacks from both within and without are vivid reminders that even though he's leading from the nomination his part of the White House will be anything that you