FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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and I would have never thought this could have happened again after big win key primary states Tuesday Donald Trump is closer than ever healing the deal on the Republican presidential nomination but also increasingly likely that he's not going to get there I'm Jane Galt at local correspondent for Reuters here in Miami and even after winning the Florida primary here Greg Donald Trump is breaking up hill battle and get , delegates , trump is going to need over fifty percent of the delegates in the remaining contests and that's not going to be what we have now the Freeman contest John caseworkers had crews are still in the race and as long as they're competing with him in the state they're going to drop support away from crime making it increasingly difficult for him to get the delegates that he knew what happened to trump doesn't reach that magic number one thousand two hundred thirty seven delegates well it ends up in what we call a brokered convention now in the first ballot for president at this convention all the delegates have to vote for the candidate whom their pledge but after that it can become a three pronged which means that Ted Cruz or John Catholic or even someone like Marco Rubio senator campaign they would be back in the game , the risk of the Republican Party is that even if by the rules Donald Trump fails to park by the river for the Republican presidential nomination on the first ballot any move to stop him at the convention even if it's legal it's gonna look like his supporters at some sort of back room deal that it has potential eliminates scores of these Republican voters have come out for trying , lifting that they might stay home in November income of course has said that if he doesn't get the nomination there will be riots in the streets may not go that far but certainly that's going to be a lot of angry voters if Donald Trump is not the Republican presidential nominee administered an interesting experience Republicans are still going around in alternate metropolis when a lot of attention on house speaker are Ryan with that quote that he is not running for president will force randomly for president but that doesn't mean that in some sort of convention scenario McMinnville white nights missteps and on the third fourth or fifth about that okay I'm going to be the content that nominee and the only person who can bring the party together are you know it would be a strange twist of events but this is better very strange election year already