FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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most will dam was built in the nineteen eighties under the rule of late dictator Saddam Hussein dammit massive two point two miles long traversing the tigris river it was built on a bed of a substance known as gypsum which is unstable and water soluble boards from dissolving gypsum forming under the dam and nobody knows quite how large they are people call it the world's most dangerous band in the worst place in the world to build a dam danger from the damage only been magnified since we arrived bombing state in August two thousand fourteen they took over control of them for a couple of weeks gathering the workers and specialists who kept them safe destroying much of the equipment and since that time much of the needed maintenance has not been done officials say that if the damn pale mapping reservoir water that the damn holds back would be released , forty five foot high wall of water would hit mostly about four hours after the damned region between half a million and a million and a half Iraqi living along the banks of the tigris river could be at risk of death if they do not actually time we're also be intense flooding all down the tigris river including Baghdad and even Baghdad's International Airport to hide away will carry along with that body hazardous chemicals buildings cars , we're told at the most critical period will between April and June two thousand sixteen when melting snow waters in Turkey will build up behind the dam raising the water level president Obama has said little to nothing publicly or privately he'll intensely worried his spoken with promised about Iraq's couple times about it and in January it on a personal note delivered by secretary state John Kerry urging the Iraqi government to take action , save the damn just two weeks ago Iraq finally signed a contract with Italian company the trendy group to begin reinforcement work on the dam that work would not begin for four months