FIRST AIRED: July 9, 2018

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>> Four more boys were brought out of a flooded cave in Northern Thailand on Monday, bringing the total number of rescued to eight and leaving just four boys and their soccer coach still underground. A rescue operation was launched on Sunday and four boys were brought out that day.
For their rescuers, a team of international and Thai Navy SEAL divers, it's been victory in what's been called a war with water and time, as the possibility of heavy rain looms over the operation. The divers have been navigating the boys through a series of narrow flooded tunnels. The first four to reach safety are said to be healthy and recovering in a hospital in the nearby city of Chiang Rai.
And as Reuters' Panu Wongcha-um reports, it went even better than planned.>> We know for sure according to the Thai authority that the first child came out around 5:40 PM local time. Which means that the all round trip, which was expected to take up to or even more 11 hours, was only 7 hours and 40 minutes so a little under 8 hours.
This is significant demonstration that really shows that the plan that they have thought up is working, and it's working far better than they expected.>> The Tham Luang cave lies in remote Northern Thailand on the border with Myanmar. The Thai soccer team have been trapped around four kilometers under ground for over two weeks.
While Thai authorities have given little information about what may be next, some information has been coming out from officials of other countries involved in the rescue.>> The Australian Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, has said on Australian media basically saying that the rescue efforts have to take place where the divers are likely to extract four children, a group of four children at a time.
So we're looking at perhaps realistically a time frame of a few days.>> The boy's family say they haven't been told yet which of their sons is out and safe. And for now they're not allowed to visit them in hospital as the boys undergo a series of tests.