FIRST AIRED: July 11, 2018

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>> Now is the time to fight.>> Democrats are callign him an ultra conservative and fighting his nomination tooth and nail. But as Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh makes the rounds on Capitol Hill, some conservative activists worry he may not be the kind of staunch conservative embodied by Justice Neil Gorsuch.
Trump's first pick for the high court. Supreme Court reporter, Lawrence Hurley.>> Some conservatives have been a little critical of Kavanaugh, not so much questioning his ideology, it's more his style of judging which they seem to have a problem with. People love Gorsuch in part because he's very self confident, he's very assertive and he's very aggressive in the positions that he takes.
Including in his written opinions there might be concern that Kavanaugh not have the courage of his convictions, if you like, to really go and make an aggressive ruling because their worried about the push back from politicians or public outcry.>> A judge must interpret statutes as written.>> While Kavanaugh and Gorsuch share many of the same views and opinions, doubters say the comparisons end there.
>> Kavanaugh is seen as being a more sorta collegial, I guess, more willing to get along. He's not as aggressive as someone like Justice Gorsuch. He kind of considers both side's arguments and then sort of reaches a middle ground position sometimes.>> Kavanaugh wrote a dissent on last year on the DC court of appeals, disagreeing with it's decision allowing a detained immigrant minor to have an abortion, but Kavanaugh also wrote that the landmark Roe versus Wade abortion rights ruling is quote a precedent we must follow.
Many Conservatives and Trump have expressed hope of overturning Roe versus Wade.>> Even when he's ruled in certain ways that are quite conservative their concern is that he's not going a step forward and making for of a broader point. The question is where is he gonna fit in the kind of ideological mix?
Is he gonna be solidly on the conservative wing? Is he gonna be someone more like Justice Kennedy, who he's replacing, who might side sometimes with the liberals.>> Kavanaugh is likely to draw wide support from Republicans in the Senate. It's what happens, if and when he gets to the Court, that has some conservatives worried.