FIRST AIRED: July 11, 2018

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>> It's the first footage we've seen of them since the rescue. All 12 boys safely in their hospital beds, looking thinner, but fine. And reunited, almost, with their families. They're in quarantine, the glass divider a precaution. Doctors say infections could have been picked up in the cave. Some have already been diagnosed with lung conditions.
They were in there for nine days before they were even found, sitting on a ledge in a dark, half-flooded chamber, with dwindling oxygen. They'd ventured several kilometers inside the cave complex in Thailand's Chiang Rai region, after soccer practice with their coach. Thai official say it was an accident and that no one is to blame.
An unprecedented international two-week mission followed. The rescuers have now released this footage showing how it happened and the complexity of it. The boys were taught to dive when some couldn't even swim. Then, tethered to expert divers, they were guided through the narrow, submerged, and dangerous tunnel system. Thai Navy SEALs, police, volunteers, the military, the heroes in this story.
On Wednesday, an official thank you from Thailand's Prime Minister for Thailand efforts and the support and friendship of countries worldwide. It's a happy ending to a story that's gripped the world. On Tuesday, a Google search for the words Thai cave rescue revealed over 350 million results. The good news even caught the attention of audiences at the Soccer World Cup in Russia, with players from several countries tweeting words of support.
The FIFA president had even invited the boys as his guests to the World Cup Final, if they made it out in time. But with at least ten days more in hospital and a month of recovery at home, that may be an offer they'll have to take him up on at the next tournament.