FIRST AIRED: July 16, 2018

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If Theresa May wants to avoid talk of Brexit, she's come to the wrong place. The UK prime minister opening the Farnborough Airshow just outside London on Monday.>> What we're proposing is a solution that respects the referendum result and puts forward what is best for British industry.
>> It's the main event of the year for plane makers and the big players are worried.>> At the Farnborough Airshow, I'm Reuters reporter Julian Santefuet. Brexit is a very, very real issue for this industry. Because it is, in a way, almost a symbol of the European union.
Take the Airbus jet behind me. Wings and engines built in Britain, other key parts made in Germany, France, Spain. Anything that disrupts the supply chain behind this aircraft is a nightmare for Airbus. The company has warned it could quit the UK if there's a hard Brexit. But May's plan for a free trade area and goods was offering some reassurance here.
>> I think things are going in the right direction, but it still needs to be very carefully monitored. Obviously we were very clear in saying that a hard Brexit could be very harmful to many industries.>> Arch rival Boeing has another worry on its doorstep, a brewing global trade war.
Company chiefs try to use language that will go down well in the Oval Office.>> We see free and open trade creating jobs with Boeing, it create jobs with their suppliers, it creates jobs with our customers. But we think these things are all good.>> For now Farnborough still finds the industry in bullish mood.
Orders for new jets worth $10 billion were announced just in the first few hours of the show. When industry meets this time next year though, Brexit will have happened. Depending how it goes, the mood could be very different.