FIRST AIRED: July 24, 2018

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>> Our biggest concern was North Korea.>> She is arguably the most stable face of US foreign policy amid ongoing White House turbulence. But Nikki Haley, US Ambassador to the United Nations, has kept a somewhat lower profile of late, having charged into the UN 17 months ago, with tough talk that shocked some diplomats, much of it aimed at Russia.
>> Russia is not our friend.>> Reuters' UN correspondent Michelle Nichols has traveled three times with Haley, who she describes as savvy in knowing when to step in and out of the spotlight.>> Nikki Haley is seen as a good politician by a lot of UN diplomats. If she has had any frustration with Trump, she's very good at not showing it, either publicly or privately.
And if there is maybe a contentious issue, she'd make sure she's not put in a situation where she might be asked about it.>> Russia not the only issue in which she has clashed with Trump. Haley, who as South Carolina Governor, removed the Confederate Flag from the State House, sent an email to her staff last August condemning the violence at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, after Trump faced backlash for blaming both sides.
At the UN, she's known for being both tough and charming.>> One of her colleagues at the UN described her to me as a Jeckyl and Hyde. He said that on certain issues like North Korea she was great. They all credit her with doing a great job in getting China on board to a greater, tough new sanctions at least three times last year.
But they said, when it comes to issues like Iran and anything that she perceives as being anti-Israel, she becomes Dr Jekyll. And they said, you can't really reason with her.>> Still, as arguably the most human face of the Trump administration, making emotional visits to displaced families in the Congo and South Sudan, she's seen as a rising star in the Republican party and possible future presidential contender.
But for now, she continues to pick her battles carefully. Her greatest victory perhaps, keeping Trump interested in the UN, with the president even on tap to potentially chair a security counsel meeting in September.