FIRST AIRED: July 13, 2018

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>> With hopes for a nuclear deal hitting a rough patch, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un sent a letter heaping praise on President Donald Trump saying he believed the two of them could open up a, quote, new future between their two nations. Trump proudly posted the letter on Twitter in Thursday, calling it a quote, very nice note, and that quote, great progress is being made.
But reporter Matt Batalnik says a lot of expert see it very differently.>> The letter was filled with praise for Donald Trump, but it carried no mention of any work towards denuclearization by North Korea. Which remains a major sticking point, following the June 12th summit in Singapore. Some analysts are taking a fairly dim view of this letter.
They see it as the sign that North Korea is taking a measure of Trump. They realize that they can afford to stonewall his representatives, such as Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, who visited recently. But as long as they continue to flatter Trump, that they will keep him happy.
>> The letter was dated July 6th, meaning it was written just as Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, was visiting Pyongyang for deneuclarization talks that didn't appear to go very well. After Pompeo had departed the scene. The North Koreans accused the US of making gangster like demands of denuclearization unilaterally by them.
That was a contradiction of Pompeo's own judgement that there had been progress made during those talks. Trump produced the letter the same day North Korea negotiators failed to show up for a planned meeting with US counterparts concerning the return of the remains of slain US Korean War soldiers.
But the State Department said later they will meet on July 15th.