FIRST AIRED: July 17, 2018

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] You don't put a team together with a computer, Billy.>> That's exactly what the Oakland A's did, leading the team to success in the 1990s, and inspiring the book and movie Moneyball. Now the Major League Baseball wants machines to move the game forward again. The MLB saying, Tuesday, it's chosen Amazon Web Service to provide the league machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learnings work loads.
So what does that all mean? Rueters Salvador Rodriguez spoke to the MLB.>> So already, baseball is a game of quite a few numbers. Now what MLB is gonna do, is it's gonna dive into that trove of data and apply AI and machine learning to it. So essentially, they're gonna be analyzing all that data with Amazon's most advanced AI technologies.
>> The MLB has been using Amazon's Cloud services since 2015, to run their basic computing and store data. This deal expands on that relationship.>> So essentially, what MLB's gonna generate from this data is new age statistics that we haven't had before. One example is a real time pitchers hit map that is contextually relevant to specific situations.
So this will take into account what kind of pitcher is throwing against what kind of hitter, what park they're at, the time of day, whether the game is a competitive one, with teams that are in the playoff hunt or not, if the game is before or after the trade deadline.
All those factors that are too complex for a human to keep in mind and consider, but can be done easily by an AI algorithm.>> And the MLB says, it'll share the new stats generated by the machine with baseball fans during game broadcasts and on, and the MLB at Bat app.
The MLB hopes to have the first of these stats ready for fans before the postseason begins in October.