FIRST AIRED: July 17, 2018

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>> After the historic summit in Helsinki, Chris Wallace of Fox News getting praise for what President Trump was unwilling to do, get tough with Russian president, Vladimir Putin.>> May I give this to you to look at, sir?>>
]>> Here?>>
> In a contentious face-to-face interview, Wallace presented Putin with Special Counsel Robert Mueller's indictment of 12 Russian intelligence agents.
The new charges detailing who was allegedly behind the hack into the Democrat's computer network during the 2016 presidential election, and how they did it. But Putin wasn't having it.>> Russia, as a state, has never interfered with the internal affairs of the United States, let alone its elections.
>> The interview coming hours after an extraordinary press conference with the two leaders, in which President Trump questioned what his own intelligence community had concluded.>> He just said it's not Russia. I will say this, I don't see any reason why it would be.>> He's a puppet.
>> Protestors on Monday night gathered outside the White House to condemn the President for refusing to stand up to Putin, while actor and former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, also joined the wave of condemnation.>> President Trump, I just saw your press conference with President Putin, and it was embarrassing.
I mean, you stood there like a little wet noodle, like a little fan boy.>> The White House said Trump will meet with members of Congress on Tuesday, after lawmakers from his own party criticized his performance at the summits.