FIRST AIRED: July 12, 2018

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Donald Trump's come to Britain with a warm welcome from its government on his first visit as US President.>> Donald Trump has got to go.>> Although not quite a warm as it could be. It'll be mostly behind closed doors and far from the capital, where protests are expected to rack the city for days.
Reuters' Mike Holden in London.>> The Queen and Theresa May, I mean, he's the President, coming to Britain. He's the closest ally Britain has, and they will obviously treat him with the respect that the office of the President of the United States has. But on the other hand, he won't be given perhaps some of the pomp and pageantry that other leaders who come to Britain for state visits get.
So unlike with a state visit, he won't ride down the Mall in a golden coach with the Queen. However, he will have a Guard of Honor at Windsor Castle, he'll have tea with the Queen.>> Trump's relationship with the Prime Minister isn't as close as it was for past British-American leaders.
They've sparred publicly on multiple occasions. The most high-profile dispute right now is over his steep import tariffs on UK steel. British-made cars are also threatened with similar levies. He disagrees with her handling of Brexit, and at a recent NATO summit, he lobbied for members like the UK to effectively double their military spending.
It's something Theresa May's government will almost certainly not do.>> They like me a lot.>> Katie Gregory is outside the Ambassador's residence, where the President will spend his only night in the city before moving elsewhere in the UK.>> Here at the US Ambassador's residence, there is this ring of steel that's been formed around it.
This fence runs the whole way down this street, as you can probably see. Of course usually there is quite a high security presence here, but nothing quite this extreme usually. Now it is estimated that the entire police operation surrounding this trip will be on par with that of the UK riots back in 2011, so huge security measures here.
>> Polls suggest that over three-quarters of Britons view Trump unfavorably.