FIRST AIRED: July 14, 2018

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me is in sight for Thailand's boys that were rescued from a cave who are now set to be discharged from hospital next week. This footage of them sitting up and drawing is a marked improvement. It's only been a matter days since they were rescued along with their soccer coach after two weeks huddled in a dark, damp half flooded chamber.
Thailand's health minister said they're recovering well. One boy who'd lost five kilos is gaining weight again, and those who had contracted pneumonia have recovered. He says all 13 should be able to leave on Thursday.>> Hello, I am
]. Now I am very fine. The boys even delivered personal thank yous on camera to their rescuers.
>> Thank you so much.>> From volunteers to the military.
ny of them have now returned home. Thailand's Navy Seals received a hero's welcome at their airbase outside Bangkok, as did the British divers who found them in the first place. Walking out to applause at Heathrow airport.
Officially bringing to an end what became an unprecedented international rescue mission. We are here to welcome back our BCRC team from their support to one of the most extraordinary cave rescues we have seen ever.>> Yeah.>> Footage released by the seals shows just how parales the three day rescue operation was.
It took five of them and 13 foreign divers and resulted in one rescuer's death. His wife has urged the boys not to blame themselves. But there is a concern about how they'll deal with their fame both in Thailand and beyond. Their story is already set for retelling by Hollywood, with two production companies looking to make movies about the boys and their rescue.