FIRST AIRED: July 17, 2018

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>> The UK is now expected to take a more aggressive stance in its negotiations to leave the European Union. The change in strategy was forced on Prime Minister Teresa May. The result of further insurrection from hardline element In her own Conservative party.>> To the agreement that was reached at Checkers.
>> She narrowly won crucial votes in Parliament on Monday on her Brexit strategy. But only after accepting hardline Brexiteers amendments. A key one, that the UK won't collect EU taxes unless the rest of the EU does the same for the UK.>> So the ayes have it, the ayes have it.
>> Now May could struggle to sell he toughened up plan to Brussels. She unveiled a softer Brexit proposal last week. Two years after the referendum on leaving the block and just eight months before it's meant to happen. It angered the Leave camp and prompted a flurry of high profile resignations.
There's even been talk of a no confident vote to remove her from office. May has staved off that challenge for now, but rifts in her party make holding on trickier by the day. With another tough debate on Tuesday centered on post-EU trade. Meanwhile, the referendum itself was back in the headlines Tuesday.
The Vote Leave campaign group was fined $80,000 and referred to the police by the Electoral Commission for exceeding legal spending limits. Vote Leave was fronted by high profile Brexiteers like Boris Johnson, who resigned as Foreign Minister last week. Remainers seized on the findings to call for a referendum rerun, something that May has repeatedly ruled out.