FIRST AIRED: July 12, 2018

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>> It's a relationship littered with countless obstacles, but there is one area Vladimir Putin and President Donald Trump could make headway when they meet eye to eye next week, arms control. Sources tell Reuters Trump may seek to reopen stalled nuclear arms talks at their summit in Helsinki centering on two major treaties, Arshad Mohammed is on the story.
>> The first is the so-called New Start Treaty, which basically caps their long range strategic nuclear weapons. That treaty is scheduled to expire in February of 2021, but it could be extended for five years if they both agree. The other big issue is the so called intermediate range nuclear forces or INF treaty.
>> Trump is under pressure for a win coming off a stormy meeting with NATO allies that put the strains in the alliance on full display.>> But it certainly doesn't seem to make sense.>> He has often said he wants better ties with Russia, but analysts see little chance of progress on other flash points such as Syria and Ukraine.
But nuclear talks may be different.>> There haven't been serious US arms controls talks for a long time, since really in 2013. So even an agreement to resume talks would be a step toward arms control.>> In the past the two rivals were able to make progress on that front even when the overall relationship was in a shambles.
But many doubt Trump and Putin will go too deep on the details studying what looks like a lack of preparation.>> This summit there hasn't been a big wind up, there haven't been a whole lot of preparatory negotiations.>> An agreement to re-open talks would allow both sides to argue that they are tackling a major issue while leaving it to lower level officials to grapple with the gritty details.