FIRST AIRED: July 18, 2018

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>> Reliving their ordeal in public for the first time since being rescued from a flooded cave in Thailand, the 12 boys from the Wild Boar soccer team along with their coach described to it what's like being trapped on the ground for over two weeks.>> I was really afraid, okay, not to be able to return home.
>> The team was found squatting in a flooded chamber several kilometers within the cave complex, and described the moment two British divers discovered them as magical.>>
> We heard some noises of people talking, so we told each other to be quiet and listen to the noise.
We weren't sure, so we listened, and it turns out, yes, its true. I was surprised.>> They left the Thai hospital they'd been recuperating in earlier on Wednesday to travel to the news conference that was broadcast nationwide. Fears had been raised about what the media attention could do to their mental health.
So the group, aged 11 to 16, and their 25 year old coach were asked a series of questions journalists had submitted in advance. Since being rescued in a huge international effort last week, the boys have gained an average of three kilograms, 6.6 pounds. They'd eaten before they entered the cave system on the team building exercise, but took no food with them.
Authorities say they are now physically and mentally strong enough to return to normal life.