FIRST AIRED: July 5, 2018

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>> A message of hope for the 12 boys and their soccer coach trapped in a Thai cave from one of the few people who's been in their shoes before. Mario Sepulveda was one of 33 Chilean miners stuck underground for more than 2 months after a mine collapsed in August of 2010.
> We're calculating where the children are and their corresponding position on the surface. We're also mobilizing the survey of the jungle.
>> Back in Thailand rescuers worked through the night Wednesday, drilling through rock to make room for water pipes and power cables. Rescuers have sent food, water, and medical staff in, and are pumping out water, keeping the soccer team and their coach trapped. Professional divers have also started training them to use scuba gear.
Although experts warned that murky water can make diving a tricky business. Meanwhile, authority say they're also searching for other entrances to the chamber where the boys have taken shelter.>>
About 20 to 30 teams will converge in these area and survey it for shafts or holes that maybe of use to our plan.>> One military source reported that divers are spending around 11 hours round trip to reach the boys, working against water currents inside the cave. And time may not be on the side of rescue teams.
The weather has been dry in the 4 days since the boys were discovered, but heavy rains are expected to hit over the weekend. If water levels rise again, the boys may need to wait for months before they're freed.