FIRST AIRED: July 19, 2018

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>> A federal judge on Wednesday ordered accused Russian agent Maria Butina held in jail until her trial after authorities warned of a quote, grave risk she would try to flee the country. Butina appeared in court hours after a new government filing laid out the case against her, saying she worked on the Kremlin's behalf to forge ties with the US citizens and infiltrate political groups like the National Rifle Association.
Sarah Lynch is covering the story.>> What we do know is that she had, according to the FBI, an interest in cozying up specifically with the Republican Party. It doesn't name the Republican Party but it clearly alludes in the complaint to the Republican Party. And sources familiar with her behavior have told me that she openly bragged, to many people that she could get them jobs with the Trump campaign.
>> The court filing offers a glimpse inside the life of the 29 year old former university student, saying she sought access to Washington's political circles, living with a 56 year old US citizen with whom she was romantically involved. Social media posts showed Butina with Paul Erickson, a South Dakota based conservative activist who created a company with her in 2016.
>> We remain confident she will prevail in this case.>> Robert Driscoll, Butina's lawyer, said keeping her in jail is not necessary and denied the charges against her.>> She's not an agent to the Russian government, the Russian federation, she's innocent of the charges brought against her. Most importantly, she's a young student seeking to make her way in America.
>> Butina, who founded her own pro-gun advocacy group, made little secret of her efforts to get close to US political figures.>> If you look on her Facebook page or her Twitter site, you can see, she's pictured with people like Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin, who was at one point a Republican presidential candidate.
She was pictured with Rick Santorum and others.>> Sources tell Reuters Butina was paid by prominent Russian banking figure, Aleksandr Torshin to try to influence US policymakers. Butina is not among the more than two dozen Russians accused by Special Counsel Robert Mueller of meddling in the 2016 campaign.