FIRST AIRED: July 17, 2018

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].>> US President Donald Trump may have called the European Union a foe this week, and the UK is about to Brexit.>>
>> But the block is shrugging off these frosty relations to show the world that it has other trade partners, too.
The EU has just signed a wide ranging free trade deal with Japan which creates the world's largest open economic carrier. It's a so-called car-for-cheese deal. It removes EU tariffs of 10% on Japanese cars, and then slashes duties on products for Japan, such as 30% on EU cheese. Both Japan and the EU have witnessed Trump pulling the United States back from free-trade relationships.
He left the transpacific partnership with Japan as soon as he took office, and sparked trade war fares with China earlier this month when he imposed 25% tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese goods. China quickly retaliated with an increase on US products. Trump says he's doing it to protect US workers and companies.
But the EU is currently the US's biggest trading partner, meaning Trump still has to watch his back, says Reuters, Phil Blenkinsop.>> This is not the first, by any means, first free-trade deal that's signed. It has deals with over 40 or so countries. With the EU banding together with a number of other countries, such as Japan, such as Mexico, such as the Latin-American countries, such as perhaps in the future, Australian and New Zealand.
It maybe that the rule book is written that by those other countries, so when United States perhaps then decides to do some deals. It may find that the rules are kind of very much more in line with the way that the European Union sees it.>> The EU-Japan treaty takes effect next year.